Thursday, July 1, 2010

This aint the fox trot.

Another furious weekend of racing, taking this series to #3 out of 4 races. A distance of 5km run, 20km mountain bike and 2.5km run. My results have been satisfactory but there is certainly room for improvement. A 10th place @ Port Edward after arriving back from a year in the US also suffering from the horrid flight friend "Jet lag". A 6th place @ Albert falls dam and another 6th place @ Baynesfield dam where the field was over 200 athletes strong. See more images @

This season i have been experimenting with my nutrition and to say the least i have learnt a great deal. I have had highs and lows while dealing with various nutritional sources and at some points along the way i have had to back off a little because i could really feel the effects on my body and mind, having said this i have come to a conclusion.

If you can "pick it from a tree", "pluck it from the ground", if it has legs and runs around outside or swims in a body of water its good for you, if it comes in can or packet stay away from it! Further more keep it simple apparently less is more according to a minimalist approach. Other key issues that highlight performance for me have boiled down to a key factor, this being variety! Dont be afraid to experiment with new foods and keep it clean.