Friday, December 30, 2011

For Folks back home - This is Dallas

Dallas skyline

Finally coming around after some long hours in the air. 44 hours to be exact. For the most part the flight was a daze as I drifted in and out of restless dozing. I left South Africa on Tuesday morning and arrived in Dallas early Thursday morning South African time. My blood shot eyes had a story to tell and my mental fatigue was expressed throughout the outlining silhouette of my body. Woke up yesterday morning feeling rested but with a scratchy throat. I took a full day off to recover, ran some quick errands at the local Walmart, I was only there to get a quick list of things done however you cant but stop yourself from wondering around aimlessly looking at the variety of items on display. My new home is the perfect nest to start my training and today ill attempt to get unpacked. The weather is somewhat warmer than I expected but maintains a contrast far off from the high 30deg C I was enjoying back in SA.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Possible Race schedule for 2012

Here are some races that I will look to do in the new 2012 season. Miami FL is definitely on the cards and of course with my new residential address in Texas I will have to fly the flag high and support all the local TX races... If my performance rewards me and I am invited to the end of year World Championships then I will make it priority to get there. Some dates are close together because I will evaluate performance closer the time and decide on the race dates which will suit me.

3/11/12                XTERRA Miami  FL, USA                   
4/1/12                   XTERRA Camp Eagle        TX, USA                                                  
5/5/12                   XTERRA EPIC – Rustman               LA, USA                  
5/6/12                   XTERRA Gator Terra       LA, USA                                  
5/20/12                XTERRA Last Stand          MI, USA                                 
6/9/12                   XTERRA Moab  UT, USA                 
6/17/12                XTERRA Muleshoe          TX, USA                                  
6/23/12                XTERRA Mexico Championship  Mexico                    
7/8/12                  XTERRA Magnolia Hill      TX, USA                                  
7/15/12                XTERRA Brazil Championship       Brazil       
7/28/12                XTERRA Sky High             NY, USA                                                 
8/4/12                   XTERRA Snow Valley      CA, USA                                                 
8/19/12                XTERRA Wild Ride            ID, USA                   
8/25/12                XTERRA Lake Tahoe       NV, USA                 
9/2/12                   XTERRA Canada Championship  Canada   
9/22/12                XTERRA USA Championship
10/28/12              Xterra World Championships