Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mantis and Moon

Made from a variety of  bottle caps,This design behind the door to the bathroom

Nothing organic in the local store.

Two weeks ago Myself and Jean-Michell (colleague from work) embarked on a journey down the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal to visit a group of friends at a backpackers - Mantis and Moon. I packed a small backpack (no pun intended) with the bare necessities, one pair of baggies (swim trunks), slops (flip flops), definitely a tooth brush and the inevitable training equipment! Needless to say that the minimalist approach was certainly the way forward.  The lethargic state you cant help but get yourself into once you see this place was enough to make the clock stand still.There is so much to do but the tranquility of the place binds you into lazing around, taking naps in hammocks and staring out to sea while catching a ray or two on the sun decks. A great place for recovery after a big training block.

One of the many hammocks hanging about the place.
The arsenal of surf boards for a morning wave.

On Saturday morning the decision to take the first swim session off the point was not ranked as one of the top brain waves iv had. Beside the huge facade of water smashing against the rocks there was also an underestimated rip current sweeping anything in its path out to sea. Due to the nature of the rock point the giant swell produced some huge rights, barreling vigorously across the the ocean floor and producing some great surf. It almost seemed a crime that I was only entering to do a swim session. Never the less I made my way across the clam infested rocks and to the jump point. Clawing the rocks every time a wave broke and bracing for their impact whilst waiting for the perfect opportunity when eventually the set would die down and I could take a gap to take the plunge.The ocean floor seemed peaceful in contrast to the surface. Occasionally spotting some sand sharks, sea turtles and some smaller fish. I spent a decent amount of time with my head down. A swim session that was planned at an hour soon became a two hour battle! Way beyond back line relatively close to the shark nets where the Indian ocean current spat me out I began the long swim home. Arriving on the battered coast line some 2hours later from when I started the swim. Slightly frustrated and hungry like an animal I made my way back for a brunch.

The local resident parrot- Bongo

Proudly South African

The chill deck
The entertainment area

DaRe_DeVil Charity run

On Friday the 28th I took part in a Charity run In Durban Central aimed at raising funds for males with prostate and Testicular Cancer. A charity event that made complete and utter sense to me as a Triathlete and a definite feeling of responsibility to take part.
Some mates and I at the finish.
A crazy statistic like one in twenty four males have Prostrate Cancer be that diagnosed or not. Besides running the streets of Durban in peak hour traffic in only one garment of clothing it was reassuring to know I had done something in my minimal capacity towards a great cause. The stories of lost ones due to this disease is on going and we all need to take a stand. We all know of someone with Cancer or perhaps your relationship runs deeper so support the cause where ever you are. For any further Info check out the link Dare DeVil Run
I was branded with daREDevil

All the gentlemen before the start getting use to the bare minimal. I for one included, although now having run the streets I am rocking my Speedo when ever possible, be it public beaches or public pools! Perhaps also an incentive to get rid on my cycling tan.
the irony of this symbol
Had a good chat with this guy before the race, he had paired up with an office colleague and both were running in honor of a lost friend.
Even male dogs were represented
I funny sight seeing this pooch at the start with a representative Speedo as he pranced around, doing it for the furry guys.
posterous photo
Dwayne and I at the finish

The Youtube Video