Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Training Endurance - Multi sport Balance

Training Balance

"About time," some may say. I've been somewhat of a ghost with my last posting to this page back in May of this year. I told myself I had writers block but that was an addition to some other aspects of denial. To get you up to speed, it has been a hard season. With at least 30 races in a 7 month block, too much in fact, but I can admit to that and if admission is guilt, well then I'm guilty. I've had some highs and some very low points since May. On the go all the time, and while trying to balance training, working, relationships, coaching and writing programs for 12 athletes I sacrificed on my own recovery in a big way, and now I've paid the price.

As a self coached athlete I've got to rely on my ability of forethought to predict my mishaps, but not all stand tall and clear in broad daylight. I reached some peak fitness in May and won some creditable races, the competitive mind within pushed on when the body lagged behind in pieces, awaiting some much needed rest. I should have backed off the training when I was in Richmond, VA for East Coast Championships. Instead, I put the lethargic state of being down to long travels and stress from having my bike show up the night before the race. The inevitable was still hiding in the wing and ultimately the outcome was over training and disastrous repercussions to show up in late August. My mind and body were somewhat disconnected, like an apple split in two halves and lacking its better side. Catastrophe was imminent. I still took some time to realize what was happening and as any athlete can tell you, excuses are backed up by a valid reason for the lethargic state of being. A cat and mouse game of denial is formed in mind which proved more detrimental. I could feel myself starting to drift off course. I should have started speaking to fellow athletes sooner to seek advice, but my pride got in the way of that. I often made myself feel guilty for taking afternoon naps, but still it got worse. The lethargic state of being was bending towards Zombie like characteristics and i felt like i was in a deep hole. Over the past two months it has been easy to sleep for 12-14 hours a night and wake up feeling like I am running on a 2 hour sleep cycle.

Regardless, I pressed on with training. Paying no attention to the writing that was on the wall. I like to go on according to how I feel and clearly this time listening to the signs wasn't working either. I messed this one up pretty bad. Perhaps my passion for the sport got a bit too much and proved my demon. I need to learn lessons like this one because this sure wont happen again. I have managed to pick up the pieces and find my mojo again, in time too; I'm at the airport now waiting for a connecting flight to Xterra World Championships in Maui. I'm amazed at how well the body reacts when you give it the right doses of lifestyle balance. For now all I have are these words, but ill be more prominent on here with postings.

Cheers for now

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