Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The beginning, when!

It has been a year now since my departure from South Africa to the USA, i thought id start a blog now and share all my experiences ,also the experiences that changed my life over the past year, the people, the places and the people skills that come with travel. Priceless. Where the saying goes... "you will grow as a person", clearly stands out in my mind.

My reasons for starting this blog is simply:

  • Share all my experiences, the whole truth!
  • Keeping a reference of all my travels, archiving!
  • Allow you all to understand me on an emotional/physiological level.

I have lost the nerve to keep writing in a book. I lost the nerve along time ago, however with the digital world it certainly makes life a lot easier to keep record. The convenience of technology has it perks, when it works.

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