Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Many rivers to cross

I have found my place in this world. This place where i can be alone, be at one with nature, away from the hap-hazardous life style we as humans are faced with on a daily basis. While at the same time i can push my body physically and mentally to another level. A level not found in a gym or in a class room. This is different. Its an exhilarating burning sensation that occurs deep within my body, i hear the screams that come at me, an attempt to say STOP but my mind says, NO, the push continues! There is a sensation that drives me everyday. A thirst to feel it more often, a pathway to a dream i am currently following.

Xterra, this is my new home in the field of endurance sport. After in depth research, from nutrition,equipment and correct scientific methods of endurance training, i finally feel that my body is set in the right direction and now its a matter of dialing it in correctly to get the results i want. On the 23rd of May 2010, it marked my first Xterra event, in Waco Texas, this consisted of a 1.6km open water swim,30km mountain bike and 10km trail run. Having been in prep for 7 months, although a short period in an endurance athletes life, i felt ready. Having done the necessary training under difficult circumstance i felt well prepared and would have to wait and see when i crossed the finish line.

The race was everything i had imagined, having thought about every possible incident and the variables that could occur. Mental preparation had been key to my success, i had learned about this in my early days of racing bicycles. The race was like clock work, smooth as it could be for a "first timer", i did my bike to run transition in 9 seconds. This consists of racking my bike, taking gloves off, taking helmet off and switching shoes. Having not practiced this much in the months pre-race i was anxious to see how it would go, needless to say i was satisfied. I did the swim(see below) in 25min holding back to have stores for the later legs of the race, i biked in 1hour20min and the did the run in 50min. A result i can be pleased with, finishing 3rd in my age group, 13th in the pro division and 41st overall.

Chatting to a event organizer after the race, she asked, how old are you? 22 i replied, she gave a smile and said, "you just the puppy of this event". It was enough said to give me immediate relief knowing i have time to prove myself.

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