Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hearts will go on...Home bound

I just spent over three weeks in Texas. Time i can say was well spent, relaxing, training, traveling and enjoying the bonding opportunities i had with my new beauty, Kyndell. She is possibly a lost piece to my puzzle, this puzzle titled "LIFE". We met in the first few weeks i came into America but as it was then, bad timing. We started a random conversation several months ago and the flame was lit. Enough said!

I can say now that my travels in America are done. I am satisfied with the 16 states and the vast amounts of cities Ive visited over the last year. Now its a case of filling my pockets and making haste for the exit. However for the rest of my time here it becomes mind over matter. My heart is telling me, "be done with America and change your navigation system via home bound status immediately". My mind on the other hand responds differently.

Recently i finished reading this book (The Power of One). Inspiring? Yes. Mystical? Yes. Passionate? Yes. This list will go on and on. The point I'm making is the peculiarity of reading a whole book and only embracing one line from it. Perhaps the attempts of every book. Who knows? The one i remember and now use in my everyday life is purely, "First with the Head, then with the Heart". That's why i cannot depart on the next plane out of here. I have business to finish, especially in this case my mind will be put first.

P.S. Not sure if it was due to frustration or the balance of rest and training but i ran my PR 10km time today. Still lots of work to be done.

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