Sunday, October 30, 2011

During this Interim

To begin telling you why I haven't posted to my blog in a few months would be a difficult onset, but I will try anyway. Perhaps its due to numerous changes and re structuring in my life. Some changes now that will determine a greater outcome later. I have learnt some amazing lessons in the previous months. Of which some include new business partnerships, old friendships ended and new ones started. The realization that you will travel through various journeys in life and interact with hundreds if not thousands of people and the truth is- you wont get on with all of them. The fact is people come from all walks of life and have contrasting experiences to yours, its not a crime not to like someone for what ever values they possess. Changes can also occur over time with people that you thought you knew. Friends which you have known for ages may change for the worse, greed and a hunger for material objects, whatever their drive in life dont be afraid to break way. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Having said all that its back to my dream. A dream for now but in the last 7 months I have made the hugest gain yet. I seem to go through life in an unorthodox manner but somehow I come out on top. A week ago I heard notification that my visa application to emigrate to the USA had been approved. In the next few weeks I will be joining my better half In Dallas, TX. Setting up camp in a new country is daunting but I am well equipped because I have a core group of people who believe in me and my dream! To race and train while surrounding yourself by positive people is the surely the hardest emotional challenge an athlete can face.

Training on the other hand has also been somewhat of a learning curve this year. Finding a new running coach in the middle of this year was a great attribute to my performance. I had my running time down to 3:20 per km, but having not done the foundation training to support such performance was soon to create a downward spiral. Fatigue had set in and recovery became harder and harder with each surge in performance. As well as going about it with the header of my blog "First with the head, then with the heart" it was not enough, my passion and eagerness to keep performing got the better of me and each training session, recovered or not became about thinking with my heart. The want for more performance was addictive. Although mind over matter was certainly a factor in my sub conscious it was more the heart that did the talking.

A Friday morning when I woke, I felt as if a truck had continually been rolling over me . I remember sleeping all day, waking up for dinner and going straight back to bed. Saturday rolled around and my urgency and drive was gone. I had nothing left. My tank was empty and my mind was craving for something else. It was at that point the decision to take time off was a wise one.

Time off has been fun and relaxing, everything it should have been but now its back to business, I am currently in the tail end of a life guard course and come Saturday morning i should have another qualification to my name. My SPA lifeguard sea rescue. Its been amazing to have used this opportunity to do some cross training and maintain some fitness level because from next week Monday i start my new program for the 2012 US season. Im excited, enthusiastic and full of energy. Lets do this. One Life!

Here are some photographs of my activities in the last few months, good and bad.

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