Saturday, December 10, 2011

Possible Race schedule for 2012

Here are some races that I will look to do in the new 2012 season. Miami FL is definitely on the cards and of course with my new residential address in Texas I will have to fly the flag high and support all the local TX races... If my performance rewards me and I am invited to the end of year World Championships then I will make it priority to get there. Some dates are close together because I will evaluate performance closer the time and decide on the race dates which will suit me.

3/11/12                XTERRA Miami  FL, USA                   
4/1/12                   XTERRA Camp Eagle        TX, USA                                                  
5/5/12                   XTERRA EPIC – Rustman               LA, USA                  
5/6/12                   XTERRA Gator Terra       LA, USA                                  
5/20/12                XTERRA Last Stand          MI, USA                                 
6/9/12                   XTERRA Moab  UT, USA                 
6/17/12                XTERRA Muleshoe          TX, USA                                  
6/23/12                XTERRA Mexico Championship  Mexico                    
7/8/12                  XTERRA Magnolia Hill      TX, USA                                  
7/15/12                XTERRA Brazil Championship       Brazil       
7/28/12                XTERRA Sky High             NY, USA                                                 
8/4/12                   XTERRA Snow Valley      CA, USA                                                 
8/19/12                XTERRA Wild Ride            ID, USA                   
8/25/12                XTERRA Lake Tahoe       NV, USA                 
9/2/12                   XTERRA Canada Championship  Canada   
9/22/12                XTERRA USA Championship
10/28/12              Xterra World Championships

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