Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do you wanna "sea" Orange Seal???

After my race at Xterra Camp Eagle I had the opportunity to chat with Steve and Chris on a new product launched, formed in the place they crown "keep it wierd' based in Austin TX but is storming wildly across the US and in time im sure it will progress to an International stage. I am delighted to back this brand because for sure this is no ordinary product. The science goes beyond that of any other product of the same nature found on the shelf. 
On that note here is a preview.

Tire Sealant

"The days of using tubes in the tires of bicycles are quickly coming to a close. Tubes add weight and another item to the list of bicycle parts that can fail and leave you walking. With new rim and tire technologies, rim tape, and a good liquid tire sealant you can create a system that is lighter, more resilient, and better performing. Weight savings occur because tire sealant and rim tape weigh less than a tube. In the event of a puncture to your tire Orange Seal quickly clogs the hole and stops air from escaping thus allowing you to continue riding without stopping to repair a damaged tube. So if you haven't already made the decision to go tubeless now is a good time with a top product like Orange Seal you wont look back.

Orange Seal Formula
The liquid formula tire sealant uses nanotechnology and variety of solid particles of varying sizes that are suspended in a proprietary liquid solution. Without divulging trade secrets suffice it to say that multiple particle sizes in Orange Seal solution means that the product can seal larger punctures and seal them quicker than other tire sealants.

Why Orange Seal
We are Cyclists with professional backgrounds as diverse as the terrain we ride. We ride, race, and love the business of bicycles. With roots in Austin, Texas we believe in supporting local businesses, creating custom boutique products whose quality exceeds the mass produced standards and that products should work and work well! Orange Seal is committed to quality, customer satisfaction at adding value at every opportunity. Ride more drive less, live BETTER.

Pic by Rafael Manias

Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant works fast every time. For those of us that have made the switch to tubeless wheels, we have all experienced successes and failures with the sealants on the market. These failures usually come in the form of either clumping of the product, or its inability to do its job of actually sealing a puncture. Orange Seal performs with success in mind. Orange Seal is the new “Gold Standard” in tubeless sealants by being light weight and utilizing nano technology to help seal the toughest of punctures. Orange Seal can seal punctures that other sealants cannot. Our sealant is compatible with most bike tire systems and is eco-friendly. Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant works hard so you can reach the podium.

Nothing on your bike takes more “wear and tear” on a daily basis than the drive-train. You need this important component to always be clean, smooth, and efficient. Orange Slide is formulated with sub-micron lubricating particles to keep your chain running smooth in all types of conditions, while keeping your chain clean since Orange Slide does not attract dust. Like all Orange Seal Cycling products, Orange Slide is easy to use and is eco-friendly. Orange Slide keeps you and your drive-train working efficiently.

Your bike is a work of art and you want it to always look its best. Orange Shine Bike Cleaner is going to speed up the cleaning process, while protecting your investment. Orange Shine cleans, polishes, and protects your bike in one easy step. Our formula cuts dirt, polishes to a shine, protects from UV rays, and repels dust while not drying out or damaging cables and other moving parts. Orange Shine is easy to use and is eco-friendly. Keep that brand new bike look with Orange Shine Bike Cleaner.

(write up from Orange Seal website)

I can now say that after using Orange seal shine my carbon frame is cleaner than ever before, my chain runs smooth and i am destined to never have issues with a flat tire. 


" The bicycle continues to prove itself as one of the most efficient means of transportation. The bicycle offers an environmentally sustainable, clean, economical and healthy means of getting around. At Orange Seal Cycling we firmly believe in and actively pursue a Ride More approach to cycling.

Most of us spend a great deal of time stuck in our vehicles. That's time we could spend with our families, working, learning, relaxing or riding our bikes. To recoup that time, use less fuel, and showcase the power of pedals, Orange Seal Cycling commits to Drive Less.

Regardless of your reason for riding, when you get on the saddle, apply pressure to the pedals and glide down the road or trail you feel a sense of freedom, flying or perhaps a hint of your youth. We share that feeling. At Orange Seal Cycling we think bicycling helps people Live Better ".

(write up from Orange Seal website)

Pic Complements of Orange Seal Website.

Interesting story (the above pic) Matt Barkley chose to race using  Orange Seal in his tubeless setup and  has raced over 65 Hours and still manages to podium despite punctures.

For more technical information visit ORANGE SEAL (click the highlighted words)

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