Sunday, April 29, 2012

Xterra Bluebonnet

Xterra Bluebonnet
Reveile Peaks Ranch

Finished 4th Overall and 1st in Cat.
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I spent my Saturday in awe of such a great view. This photograph far off from capturing the full 360degree Panoramic view that I found myself surrounded by for the majority of the weekend. With much time on hand I got in a pre-ride of the (bike course), riding without a back brake, noted to self as an epic fail. It had been damaged during transport. The terrain was relentless, if mother nature had a jaw like a Great White Shark I would have to say this bike route went directly through the rows of shiny porcelains in the form of jagged rocks. Later, I would find out just how ruthless these rocks are.

Pre Race food was (Quinoa), Carrots, Broccoli, Sweet peas, Olive oil and Tuna.

My dwelling for the weekend race. It was peaceful although difficult to setup as a "One man Wolf pack" in the wind. 

 I made use of this pool for recovery after I pre rode the course. I would have used the natural "pool" had it not been 2inches thick with algae. The swim start on race morning was messy, I made sure to put in a hard interval as the gun went to avoid the feeling of being churned up in a green smoothie. I rounded the first buoy in about 4th place, the swim was a two lap with a quick run along the Volley ball court and a plunge off the floating dock. I came out the water in 6th place and about a minute back on the leader.

Here with the strength of mother natures jaws, her jagged terrain left no margin for error. About 3 miles from the second transition I got too aggressive and sliced my tire about an inch long. Although never a great feeling, I want to say I had anticipated this was going to happen, fortunately several nights before the race I made the choice to re-do my tubeless tire sealant setup (how-to blog to follow). Thankfully, I am on board with an amazing new sponsor. I owe Orange Seal Cycling a huge thank you for their magnificent product. The proof is in the pudding, there is no other sealant out there that could seal this gnarly gash on my side wall. 

After I bombed my tire with a Co2 cartridge I decided to nurture my tire and ride more conservatively to the next transition. I lost 2 positions and about 1:30 seconds off my time. With every pedal rotation I kept a close eye on my rear tire. I was losing air. "Sh#t", I said to myself. I stopped for the second time to bomb my tire with the left over gas in my cartridge only to find I was losing air but not through the side wall cut, I had forgotten to close off the valve. After I realized this I put the hammer down to make up my lost time.

Transition went smoothly again, and with having to nurture my rear tire, I kept some energy in the tank for the run and set a comfortable tempo.  With the last two miles to go, I decided to leave it all out on the course and chase down the positions I had lost.  Passing one competitor to finish in fourth.

At the end of the day two places given up to a puncture was better than not finishing at all, which is what would have happened had I not had Orange Seal in my tires.  

A good day out even with the "slices and dices" the course lay down.

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