Monday, May 28, 2012

Criterium Racing back to back


On Friday the 25th of May marked a much anticipated event in Downtown McKinney, a suburb 30minutes North of Dallas.

My result: 3rd Overall

The race was fast and furious from the gun, with several intermediate sprints for prize everyone was trying to control the race to find the best positions for the sprint. 

The spectator support was huge, an event like this is an awesome "crowd puller" with multiple viewing points along the 1mile circuit. The fine food and dining experience while bikes race past the restaurant windows is a unique experience.

I heard this crash behind me, carbon crunching on the road. Not a great sound. The guy clipped his pedal on the corner while attempting to pedal out of the turn. Bad timing on his behalf.

A big thank you to Orange Seal Cycling for support on the day, the brand is taking off on a national level and soon International. Best go out and join the Orange revolution.

Warming up before the start of the event. Probably the shorted warm up ive done as temperatures raised toward the 105F region.

On the lap where I dropped my chain on the climb and lost some ground on the lead group. fortunately I had some time to get back and move toward the front for the sprint.


On Sunday I was up at 6am to make my way over to the Bicycle Plus Tenzing Crit. Fortunately I could roll out from my front door as this was a 15min warm up to the event.

My result: 2nd Overall

Final corner for the home straight, somehow found loads of speed entering this and managed a kick into a head wind for 2nd place.

Got into this 3 man break with a 20 second gap on the bunch until the guy doing a turn on the front crashed out around a corner. We sat up after that and waited to be caught. 

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