Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Xterra Muleshoe

Xterra Race
Finished 6th overall and 1st in age group
2h04m some seconds
Pre race prep in the transition area.

Having come off a 4 week base building training block I entered Xterra Muleshoe as a prod in the dark, not knowing what to expect. I felt the need as the race fell on the 4th weekend of the training block and seemed a great time to Time Trial the effort. Gauging on what needed work and which portions of the race I felt confident. Yet another stepping stone as I prepare for USA nationals In August and September. 

Pre race warm up 

The swim was set in an amazing back drop, Lake Travis differed in temperatures from its origin - Colorado, as it meanders south from the Rockies arriving at a staggering 85 degrees Fahrenheit, wet suits were out of the question so I opted for a skin suit.

Pre Race Briefing

The mass of bodies lined the banks in anticipation for the starters orders

The mass start.

My race tactics were simple, round the first Buoy in the lead pack and get into a comfortable rhythm. Fortunately that went to plan and I made the turn in second place coming out of the water in third place...

Heading to T1 after the swim

Managed a 1:10 gap on the chasing group and soon took the lead on the bike directly leaving T1.

Heading into 1st place

The bike portion became a bit of a "slog fest" as I settled into a tempo but just couldn't maintain the effort. I lacked the top end speed but had the sustained power to go all day which didn't help because the bike loop was 14 miles and getting it done quickly was the key to success. I felt like a diesel engine but really wanted some nitro oxide.I held off the chase pack for the first 5-6 miles then my tactics changed to a defensive battle of limiting my losses before the run.

I came off the bike in 4th place and again had no speed to push the pace. I ran steady for the first half of the trail run and dropped back two places in the last two miles. Finishing off the winners pace but a margin but satisfied with all that i achieved in the 4 week base prior to the race. Im headed onto another 4-6 week block after a week of absorption and recovery and going to enjoy the building phase before I start to polish up for August 18th.

In the medical tent after coming to close to a tree on the bike and clipping my shoulder.

A big thank you to my sponsors...

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