Friday, August 24, 2012

USAT Nationals Championships Olympic Triathlon

Burlington, VT
USAT Nationals Championships Olympic Triathlon

Ive had much to digest since competing at USAT Nationals in Burlington, VT.  I had a flawless race from start to finish. Really nothing to use as an excuse for coming in 56th place, I just need to get stronger! It has been a tremendous learning curve this year. Ive overcome many obstacles, enjoyed smelling the roses and will continue to pursue the dream. My plan going into this race was to find some good form, evade fatigue and show up on the line feeling fresh. I did just that. Race day tactics were simple, conserve some during the swim as I knew I would be catching back markers from the previous wave of swimmers and navigating through them would sap energy. I stayed with the bulk of my race finding some feet to draft for the majority of the swim. My transition was clean and fast. In and out in a minute and some seconds. There were over 2500 bikes so not exactly your standard size transition area. I spent 30 seconds just running to the mount line while dodging traffic coming from all angles.

With the decision to participate in this event within the last 45 days until race day I had spent little time in a TT position so I opted for a road setup with deep section wheels and a Time Trial helmet . Personally I felt it was too close to start changing bike setups and engaging other muscles groups. The bike course was undulating with some climbing in the early 8miles. I felt good but for once I actually held back slightly (maybe too much) for the run. I wanted to leave it all on the course during the run. However still not having much in the way of speed training under my belt I felt like a diesel engine. I timed my effort well however I believe its time to start ramping up the speed work, with Xterra National Champs around the corner. This is what I have set my sights on from the beginning of the season. Im throwing everything in for this event because I would like to race at Xterra World Champs to put the cherry on top of a solid year. 


On a sad note I was gutted to hear a man past away during the event by what I believe was a Self Induced Heart Attack. Its a sad loss to the triathlon community and the sport I have grown to love more so to his family and friends. 

Aside from the race I had time to relax and reflect in the company of my best friend. Played that ever so difficult game called golf. I think  I shot a 50+ on 9 holes. It was still great fun. Spent time touring the city, meeting great folk and enjoying a change of scenery. Burlington is a beautiful town buzzing with unique culture. 

A big thank you to my support Cadence Cyclery of Mckinney , Elite Performance Chiropractors, Orange Seal Cycling and everyone else who wished me well on this adventure through Twitter  and the other social media platforms.

The culture of Burlington is fantastic, its a great holiday destination in both Summer and Winter. The need to support local businesses is surely blooming, from local corner coffee shops such as Muddy Waters, to the local Community Supported Agriculture - CSA. Its a thriving college town and population comes and goes like the seasons. 

P.S. everyone can relax now, I found the magic school bus.

And ChittyChitty BangBang drove by 

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  1. Great race Grayson. 56th is a good finish, next year will be even better. Never quit on your dreams and good luck with XTERRA.