Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BSG Triathlon

The BSG Triathlon this last Sunday posed as the perfect opportunity to gauge my form leading into this years Triple Challenge. During My training over the last few months I have purposely neglected my swimming to provide me with more time for the Running and Riding Disciplines for Triple Challenge. So at the start of the swim I was a little nervous. I went into the water with the main focus of maintaining a perfect stoke technique to minimize my energy loss but maximize my efficiency. There was a time during the 600m swim when I looked up and thought gee that slipway does not seem to be getting closer at all. Stuck my head down again and got back into those long gliding pulls. I exited the water in 9min and in the top 30 elite men. Not bad at all considering I did two quick swim sessions the week before.

 I knew I would make up positions on the bike leg and especially because this was a draft legal race. It meant time to recover and time to work. Anyhow thats how my thought process was leading onto the bike. 10min down the road changed everything for the day. Yup you guessed it, I punctured and lost contact with the top bunch. I was overwhelmed with that same sinking feeling a child experiences when he loses his favorite toy. had I not punctured I was confident of a top 30 placing over all and top 3 in my age group.
 As I entered the Transition (T2) I was greeted by my new mentor and ex Sharks rugby scrum half Hentie Martens, I knew my racing was over for the day and it was time to enjoy the event from a more leisurely comfortable pace.
 Even managed to give the camera a smile amongst the rain and damp conditions...Putting running shoes on in the wet is always a sticky situation but if there is one thing i have learnt about racing, you should always have time for a laugh... Check my garmin data from the race.....

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