Monday, November 1, 2010


Hey Guys just a quick blog to support the cause, I have decided to join in on the challenge for the month of 'Movember'. It will be a spectacle im sure especially when my auburn mousatche rocks it out under my nose. 

So if you are keen to join in this world wide statement for mens health issue's and cancer?  Check out the Cansa, Movember website here for more details: 

Its now or never so take a photo of yourself today clean shaven and post it on your blog, twitter or facebook and update the photo once a week to show the world your 'musties' progress. Dont be afraid to flaunt it even if you only muster up a twizzle. The ONE LIFE motto would apply here..

Also checkout my fellow friend and his progress on the challenge...

I am yet to decide on my designer top lip but as time goes by it will come to me...

                                                                     My week 1 pic.

Here are some radical styles to choose from.. Enjoy.. 

Race report and photos from the BSG triathlon over the past weekend is soon to follow... Be sure to check back.

Ciao for now.

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