Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Need Motivation...?

Have you ever found yourself in this place (above video)  far to often, "a little boy lost in his own world, surrounded by the negatives" this damn place where outside influence is the cause of a psychological battle many of us face daily and a negative battle within our own minds, unnecessary bullsh#t if you ask me. Its enough, enough to set the tone for a good part of your day. For someone or anyone who is striving to achieve anything in life, if you haven't already adopted the attitude -"screw it", now is a good time! I often say to people, why focus your energy into something negative and out of your control...

for example: You in your car cruising along and you get cut off by another car, yeah for sure flip him/her the signal but move on, there is nothing more you can do to control the matter! I think the old saying goes..."Build a bridge and get over it"! Or we often hear people complaining about random things, people most of the time, I usually tell them, "stop, wait, can you control the situation"? Almost 9 times out of 10 the answer is NO. So if something negative happens in your day to day activities, ask yourself, is there anything I can do to control it??? If the answer is No then "screw it", look for motivation and move on.

There are too many critics in this world and not enough drivers... Like the coach in this clip(video above) If you set your mind to it you can achieve anything... Shoot for the moon and Even if you miss you will land among the stars. yeah!!!
Set your goals so high that even if by any unfortunate circumstances they don’t work out you will still be flying among the stars which is not bad at all. Cut the doubting and quit watching mistakes of the others and concentrate on your own existence and get the best of life.
In the video below you will see exactly what I mean about the critics...

Now even during my training sessions I reflect on these videos... My Garmin file from yesterday... Im actually starting to enjoy the hurt during hard sessions...

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