Thursday, December 16, 2010

Olympic distance Triathlon - Compendium

On the 5th of December I made my way down from altitude,  near Sani Pass, I have been based here for several months to gain the benefits of altitude training, I made my way to Durban where I participated in a pre-season Olympic distance triathlon. It consisted of a 1.5km ocean swim(mass start), a 40km bike and 10km run. It was a chance to wake the sleeping giant and get rid of those off season cob webs, clean out the engine room so to speak.

Walking over to the 1.5km swim start race briefing.... Pointless really because I could not hear a single word uttered over the crashing waves... It was a smile and nod the head type of gesture when race organizer Damien Bradley asked if all was understood. As we lined the shore break I could not stop wondering if I were the only one thinking of the "Johnies" that might be spectating from the ocean floor. But when the gun goes all that falls away and the race face is on.
Setting up my transitions and messing about with my TT helmut, the bike was fast and furious, the only time I went under 40km/h was at turn around points and entering the transition.

I finished the day in 31st overall from a field of over 300 strong, and now as I reflect back on the day I can be satisfied with my result with a week of relaxing after a longish season I really had no leg to stand on.
Then its feet up and back to Altitude to recover...

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